Ending Property Abandonment in MichiganEnding Property Abandonment in Michigan
Private property abandonment is widespread in many legacy cities. The practice can lead to social and economic decline that threatens the public health, welfare and fiscal soundness of communities. The pattern of abandonment that we see in many communities is in part due to current land policies that allow landowners to literally "walk away" from their privately held parcels and burden the public sector with the cost of blight removal. This flood of abandonment has left communities with a large number of vacant properties and limited financial resources to rehabilitate or deconstruct these blighted properties.

This session discusses the feasibility of creating a private insurance fund that would support the dismantling, removal, and restoration of abandoned properties thus ending the current practice of private property abandonment and ensuring that the cost for removal of these properties is not placed on a local government or the taxpaying public.

Speaker: Rex L. LaMore, Ph.D., Michigan State University

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